Redefining Limits.

Record your track position, lap times, lines, speed, g-forces, angle of the bike, and more! Compare with friends, and see how you rank up with the world.

Ride with friends, race with friends

Compare your lap times, and sessions against each other. See who's best on the day and overall. Each rider has their own personal Score Card. You can ride any track, whether it be a pro track, or a private track in your backyard. View an interactive track map of each riding session. We record your entire session, using all the sensors of the iPhone. Lets make you, win races!

Record every session

When you get to the track, simply fire up the app and hit New Session. If we know which track you're at, you're ready to go! Otherwise you can define a new track and be riding within seconds. You can also see who else is at the track, and scope out the competition.

We provide you with a personalised feed showing all your sessions, as well as your friends sessions! Stay up to date with your competition, know your competition.

Mobile Friendly

Use any device to view the RacerOne web app. Got a iPad or Android tablet handy? Take it to the track with you, and analyse your session in detail right away!

Interactive Track Maps

View an interactive track map of your entire session. Turn laps on and off. Compare lines. Compare sensor readings. Lets improve your riding, one corner at a time.

Mobile friendly, use any device to access the web app. Whether it be a laptop, iPad, or Android device!

Easy to use

We've put a lot of thought into usability, and have made an app that is fluent, and can be used by anyone. We've made RacerOne smart. It knows you and predicts you, so you dont have to tap anymore buttons than you need to. Be up and running within minutes.


Detailed analytics

Log every session, every sensor, every time. Break your sessions down, and view them in detail.

Interactive leaderboards

Each track has its own leaderboard, showing who's fastest on the day, and overall. Who will win?

Ride with friends

Each user has their own individual profile, with their own Score Card. This lists the rider's rank at each track they ride.

Take your training to the next level

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